How to use the 3D print Quote Tool

File upload:

STL files, commonly used for 3D printing, can be found at various sites., and (Good for SLA miniatures)

Once you have found and downloaded the 3D file you would like to print upload it into our 3D printing quote tool.

Filament Selection:

PLA and PLA Silk are the standard filaments used when printing models. PLA is best kept out of direct sunlight and indoors. PLA Silk gives additional shine to the exterior.

PETG is ideal for printing components which require more strength and thermal resistance.

TPU is perfect for printing Go Pro Mounts or mounts which require some amount of flexibility.

Polycarbonate is the next step up from PETG, providing excellent strength characteristics.

Nylon provides additional thermal resistance properties whilst retaining strength characteristics from PC and PETG.


Resin is used for the SLA type printers providing almost no visible layers. Perfect for Miniature models.

Printer Selection:

Printer Selection: 

FDM (fused deposition modeling) printers are perfect for almost all print jobs. FDM Printers feed filament through an extruder which deposits in layers building up the model.

Standard: ideal for most situations, best bang for buck when it comes to quality. 

High: Used in circumstances where quality is paramount. High Quality will result in significantly reduced visible layers.

Low: Perfect for rapid prototyping or large models. Low Quality results in more visible layers but is the cheapest.

SLA (stereolithography) printers use UV Light to cure layers of resin. SLA printers generally provide almost no visible layers making it perfect for printing miniature models.

Infill Selection:


Infill percentage determines the amount of material inside the model. 20% is considered standard. Providing a mix between strength and print speed. 100% infill is offered for models and components which require extra strength.

Finalise Options:


Two post processing options are offered to finalise the print. Supports removed and None. 

Check if your print required supports.

Supports removed, A RS3D team member will remove the supports generated (If any) and clean up the model. +$10

None, This is a “straight off the build plate option” where the model or components will be shipped as they come off the plate. No post processing is conducted.